Manufacture laughters

what a goofy dog lol

of a crazy

There's something wrong with that dog.

I think its better this way henry

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What a talent!!!:)


benito urgu

iiiiii wie ekelig, den will ich nicht mehr streicheln.

gross but cool and funny

Pa que te rias

Kkkkkkk Daqui uns  anos, eu ainda vou saber seu nome e vou me lembrar

eww but lol

i wish my dog could do that!!!

как будто кто то ее за хвост поднял и потощил

Lol hahahahshshahaha

kupa śmiechu!!!

porn porn

Lustig!!! aber auch irgendwie unlogisch:*

Ninja attack

ich glaube ich muss mal gießen

Hahaha:F Witzig;)

thats just awkward

lol new technique for watering plants rofl...

this is very fun

es muy bueno tan lindo

ggegb gffyjbn

Brware jimnasteck dog pieng in backyard hahahaaaaaahahaa

55qin*** u ain't got a dog like that. .this dog is craaaazy :-)

my dog does the same thing

wow I want this dog

they should make that and Olympic game!

well...that dog has more talent then me oh I'm so...happy for him

haha wie witzig

sahar ke titli

too skilled

cool das ist vol unglaublich

is. this funny

pist der da oder aber voll yolo

freestyle pissen

фу маечня кокайта

eee. кто круто

вау крутяг

lustige clips

خیلی خوب است

lol haaaaaaaaahahahahahah

lol hi hi hihi lol

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fotos para whattszapp

cool und geil sowas habe ich no nie gesen



is that a girl ?

not he it's she sheis a gril

hfhdjdjd LOOOL xd k perro

lo addoorroo

e' un genio questo cane

porno libero

o boże ten pies sika!!!

that's kinda gross

not he it's she sheis a gril

Фу какая гадость!

is this a fake?

well...that's nice



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omg lolz xx

it's not fine..


he is not playing

Как так можно?