Manufacture laughters

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what if its hailing?


hahaha funny... don't get it

cool . are there more rocks i want one like that

what the hall is that supost to mean:[

and if the rick is melting their is an exploging volcano near by

The rock is HARD

the rock so hot

its natures thermometer (cavemen, Columbus, and Lincoln used it)

this pictures are thery silly

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долго грузии

Lil rocks answers everything

what of its cloudy

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jhhhhhhhhgjhjhhhhhhhhhhh no kommentar no komentar lol YOLOY YYYYYYYYYYYYYXYX

don't get it

Bergwetter halt...

i love you forever

in a fire: stop relying on a fucking rock!

илдл ьь ло

It's a lot more accurate than News Channel 9, right?

Thanks. Now I know rock weather. :-)



more accurate than the weather man, right?

that is fumny

I wish that's all we had to learn in Science - Kat

nice forecast!!!!

Porno Video porno Video

I could barely even see were it said tornado

weather rocks

wow is that true

f u who ever said that

Its raining


who needs the weather man