Manufacture laughters


what sick mother fucker would do that

thats what happened to us bro!!!

hay son stand right here just don't look at the sighn

and use as monkeys

clowns ? never!

That is fuck yp

stupid/ ahd what


я люблю тебя

Wish a nigga would

happened to me once

fuck u lighton lol

Think I'll take my kids there!!

jai rien comp

what the fuck

woooooooooô oooooooooooooo

Now I do not want to

i saw this on facebook

lol wow just wow

so thats why my friend left me by my self

so that's were my friend went

My mom said "i wish we had that sign at my work"


hahaha true···


haha love it x

If only I'd known earlier! Haha

mmmhhhmmm! need this one for my office.

that's mean

uuum, Jap, i have been Sold there:D

so thats where my child went

Oh crap were is little Jimmy!?

Moral- apne-2 bacho ko sambal ke rekho.

hahaha NO!!!!

At leest my kids wil go sumwer

lol. if only. x

Hahaha....can my three girlies join..;-)

ha ha ha ha ha