Manufacture laughters

so ein Blödsinn also ehrlich :*(

[Kim Jong Un]

reverse role lol

@z9312**** so do i. feel too bad haha.

birds be like..

I feel bad for him

great one I was laughing so much

hahahahahahaha a men hahha

someone is mad lol


a. little very good

wie kann man videos abspeichern?

this is so funny

ich glaub er ist sauer

this bird scarres me so bad im crying

this isn't funny. its sad because people kill themselves over flappy bird

ähhh.... okay

що це таке


völlig verrückt das Video

,,itz so funny,, hahahahahahaha

suicide move

so funny lol like it

dang he is BAD at that

چه باحال

hahahihi cool echt lol

i no how he feels(x_x)

funny as shit!!!! video games make him do that? lol!!!