Manufacture laughters

como é gostoso dormir um pouquinho a tarde ...


baby 'sure y not.

ther something wrong with this picture but i dont know what...

Now that's a true friend! lol


olh que limbo???

бедная собака ево атаковали

boa noite! boa noite!

supi getroffen

мин утуйда

cute:-) :-) :-) :-) :-D

That must be a good pillow

Adorable :3

total opposite

friedliches baby (hund)

shouldn't the binki be in the baby's mouth.

nice chew toy

sooooooo süß!

awwwwwwwwwwww thays so adorable

nighti night

1 m0..cdeqqss. ,,,,qqqqqwwwrrq( 3

What the hell is going on in this pic

tengo sueno


that is to cute wait is the dog suppose to have the pacifier

dat cute dat realy cute

que coisinha meiga só q tem uma coiaa errada

hoooo q fofo!!!

am i seeing things in revera

Peace, wonerful peace


Hey I think thats me

awww so cute

Den schnuller möchte ich nicht im Mund hsben

awsome picture