Manufacture laughters

schaut aus wie mein Hund sammy♥

dog was like 'omg wut r they watching?'


all funny pictures all please all

he is so cute

حلا ال

dhrdb dvtfhr Azklpo fgth

Max vilgauk@ Mail. ru

Esse sim gosta de sentar

meu auau vai ficar assim.

he watching despicable me. true fact


This is so stupid just like a human!!!

jajajaja puta me cure

i got caught

ich machs mir gemütlich

he looks interested!


is this dog drunk

they are watching porn

the dog is musturbating

are you starving him or wat

that's just cold

that's just cold

dia de descanço legal em

Fat dog let us do nothing

quiero un trago viejo

да это класс

wat da fak did I do

just Chilean

isso é que é vida cão

Nossa há vida e assim mesmo

imagens mensagens

what is it doing

qui dog fougado (',')

A vida ser boa

totally ugly with crossed eyes....eeewwww!!!

it is cool but dogs arent so good but this doog is littlebit cute und uglY

naquele momento em que seu time esta passando na TV

What are watching

parece com o meu


alla hopp mo :-D laaach


omg it sees me

كرهت المعيشة في بلاد ميكي

cachorro apaixonado

look at table the dog is wasted

mans best friend

how cool is this

sitin back chilen



wat r u doing


nascha sabaka eta dosche moschit

funny animals

ji.ji.ji.Yo se

its just like u

cachorro bebado

hijos de puta

животные как люди

so lustig ein Hund sitzt auf der kautsch also würklich

this is to cute i can picture Danny and his dog doing this

eu não estou vendo isso!! kkkkk


бiдний пес обпився по повнiй програмi

cosa ha ti divertente ?

ver videos pornos

what is that dog doing

Спосайся кто может ПЬЯНАЯ СОБАКА ААААААА

put it on rich homie quan

que partido aburre el amé!!!!

the dog looks scared

tje dog is very hässlich

mohamed mohamed mohamed

ese mi juan bomba kien lo biera???

I will take a beer my good man

I will take one beer my good man

hey, who drinks that much alcohol, no wonder this dog looks so acward, and then look at the owner, ewww

look at the creep all the way to the left