Manufacture laughters



she is fat , Red Hulk.

forte la grassona!!!! nn puo credersi cosi forte di certo nn sara forte a fare diete

heiii Norbit rsrsrs


xvidio violencia

kkkk loucura mano



xh tgg hau

that's that women whooped Godzilla

haaaa wat a smash!!!ooooo,,,,,

Hulk smash!!!!!

god damn girl

das ist hulk :-o


rita.claudio75@facebook. com

omg why this Lady angry


holha a namorada do Paulo kkkkk

mierda !? (!)

Quê merda e isso ai

this is crazy

its Mike tyson not mark tayson stupid!

That's real and that's a man

superwoman bitch!!!

se habra enojado porque llego cuando avian termindo de comer

angry lady

ok she have angry problems XD

yeh she,s the brave heart not mel gibson

that's fake my nigga

I see why they are fighting,they are like mark tayson

these girls eat enough fufu.

que gorda mas brava jajaja

that just stupid

she was not a human....but she's devil........

hmmm... I need one of these woman as body guards

she's sO cRaZy

what the beep

fete de famille

oh my god,such violence

Transwomen defending themselves. this is from world star. and its corny. not funny at all.