Manufacture laughters


its a smart dog i wish a head that dog

вот такая уборшица мне дома нужна

fotos para watsap

Mantenha a cidade limpa

Yall full of shit aint no paper bruhs in rho gam

richtige Hundehaltung

good dogie??????

o anu linis mu yang pupu mu ha papa alisin kita hahahaha lolz

can't take this humans to any place.




its gross.....

schon aber ich bin ich auch nicht mehr so viel wie möglich

so einen hätte ich auch

now this is cute

stubenrein !;-)

der Absager

ke bravo sto cane!!!!!!!

tengok anjing lg boleh wat kerja mnusia...haha

I wish my dog can do that

hund putzt seine kacke selbst weg lol

community dog

a mes again!!!!

hiiiiiiiiii lol is cool

фотошоп!!! Собака так не может делать!?

wat als een hond zijn ijgen poep op ruimde:


her ist Not my romm



die versautte Welt müssen soger Tiere erlesigen

like. at. him. sweep. Aubrey

that is the cutest thing I have ever seen but sad lol peace

why did this happen to me

its a backwards world already and I am not surprised


hes potty trained

he's potey trained



clean up you're own mess

thats tight and gross

ha ha ha ha ha bas je smesan

I wish my dog wold do that

Un gos ben curios.!!!

Un gos ben curios.!!!

lo prendiamo???

Poor dog scooping up his. Human

Ha ha ha scoop up the human's poop

haha he's picking up his own poop!


вот так надо со асеми

che bravo pulisce !

pick Its uppp :-)

hi Leute coooles Bild nicht wae

menomale ke ci sn dei cani educati!


melhor que eu

Nissan alleluia I'm cashier lipar drug coconut

Es hora de limpiar

how this works

when humans do their buisness

well trained

troppo forte, anke io voglio un cane cosi!

opposite day



hhhhhe good

com'è umano lei!!

mufuckaz dnt noe how 2 clean up dz dayz

wish my dog could do thid

yo nigga stop littering

mase ta skata sou

were are the people when you need them

it's not save

صورة مضحكة

doing my thing

like a boss

I need this dog

why do i have to clean it where s the cat

days I've leaveing now it's all me!

It's like using chopsticks with no fingers

It's like using chopsticks with no fingers