Manufacture laughters

как. так



não soube o comentar . Kkkkk.

Мне ВСЁёёё видно

мне все видно

bora dar um passeio?

enjoy the time man

man best friend

I believe I can touch the sky


mierda q artista

instead of walking the dog its walking the human lol:-D


Anda . . Kk ct

Das ist mal eine andere Art als Hund sich fortzubewegen.


Novo Transporte de Cachorro. .

alter das richtig geil :-D

tem que ter visao

dog b like "Now im taking you 4 a walk!"

faster dumb uman

old man: oh look a cat! dog: WHERE WHERE OMG I CANT SEE IT!

Haha funny lol lol

loss trag mich

that is a tame dog

strange Dog

ףף בטךףלךלתתךךפסקקקףצת׳ץץךו:חחם

Why would he do that is so stupid

nicht der opa geht gassi sondern der hund hihihihihi ♥

ta vindo a chuva

recuerda que en la esquina cambiamos

wy is the dog on your head

nele wollte gassi gehen

take me to narnea

standen on my humen standen on my human cuz I'm a wimp la do day do day LOL!

omg ! what a pair lv it

richtig lolig

битый не битого везет.

высоко сижу,далеко гляжу!

xtreme dog

N Chaff dvd nd d

that's is girl frend

everybody 6tipb*** is a wimp

your a wimp 6tipb***

I would be scared to fall lol

a well trained dog

미친 시발놈