Manufacture laughters

eu vou cmer vc. hahaha


жирафы конец

gotta love photo shopped.

I'm gonna get you!

whos taller now

ppprrreeeyyy!!!!!!! so whos the prey

vamos ver se eu não te alcanço agora kkk


ich bin genau so groß wie du

girrafe like wat dat and lion like walk it out.

ooh fast food just the way I like em

that's an easy way to get your tall prey

ha ha ha ha ha XD

lyv mbu cfr bvgug . ibj

finally muhaaahaaaahaaahudthhyhsudgndisss (fall down) auch.

wtf how is he gonna get down lol

ha now I can get ya

dude how did that lion get up there like for real and where did he get those little clown sticks

he is trying to be tall he is crazy

lol llll


I'm gonna eat this mf

lion wants to be as tall as giraffe

Now thats rediculas

now I can get you

cino ms matangkad satin ha!


лєв проті жирафи

Será que ele vai conseguir caçaar a girafa?

increíble mary

I don't have a long neck how am I Going to drink water

a few more steps and you got it


and u said I can't get up there jokes on u

i`m longer now >:-)

hahaha what now

I love you com her

This time ill get ur head first

boa criatividade

boa criatividade

true love hahahah :D

pmsl nice photoshop !!

pratijoogitar indur dour!

haha bitch what now lls

I got you now


hey I'm just as you

that is stupid