Manufacture laughters

What does this mean


que hijo de puta

That's messed up

Na wasn der Träumerin ist da

here's to ya

senta filho de puta!



vai ti fude

que a Alemanha se foda...

so geht es mir gerade

hast ja gleich Wochenende

فاطمه ازهری

헐~ 대박

sorry please

Hier siehst du den ?

what up homie ,shut the f**k up

lol put the finger down .......? !

мне не нравится!:P

woow didnt know chimpanzees could do that

der Mittelfinger und ohringe nicht zu fassen

lol. he didn't even know

Schlecht gelaund

Ummmm thats juzt * face in hand *

er hat kein guter tag.

who knew apes can stick out the middle finger and can wear earnings lol hahaha

she or he is praying to Jesus don't you ever go to cruch

Coman Mameyy Pitiyankysss


I hate the sun xD

geiler Affe

a decorated monkey is still a monkey...

da ist wohl wer sauer auf dich

cool das hat der in meinem zoo auch gemacht

Thats a black gorilla

minha Sublinha Vanessa da Silva me dando dedo

ohne Worte ...

The what did I dooooooo [ooooooooooo

das ist das beste Bild bff und lmaa

foe all those bitchess out there


esto es para ustedes indios de mierda jajaja jajajaja


bor ist derdoof

Jo Jo jo jo jo jo jo jo

dam monkey has no manners

kamlesh the for you



.фокью шемпанзе

fick dich bitsh

This is to all the guys that ever pissed us off

F@#k that new Healthcare Website! It SUCKS!!!

monkey playing with phenis

폭큐~함똘 ㅎㅎㅎ

hard core, even has its ear pierced

im with stupid

Crazy monkeyface

fuck you to bich

what the hel


pra quem fala mal da vd dos outros. kkkkkk

bla. ...toma

looks like jb aggressivvvv attack

5ôokya cheez love

Was guckst du

that is so fucking funny

waiting Tim

fuck u dude

like I what


f**k you anyway

Это тебе!

Just how it is sometime

Jo Wat geht

Yea i flicked you off

that's wat I have to say

here's to ya.

klu sudh pdai tu jgn lh melampau batas