Manufacture laughters


o q tem de engraçado nessas imagens

e muito bom

aw sp adorable

are you my mama?

dat is cute

does he want to eat the turtle or he wants love

big friends...

entschuldigung ich werde eigentlich anders geschrieben und zwar so Sahra

Hallo Lara ich heiße Sarah

ich heiße Sarah hallo Sarah

blinder Passagier

tell me this animal name.

ich heise lara und du

que coisa mais dura

que coisa mais dura

Your not going to get away this time

mmmmmmm love shell

step on it go go

I want your love!!!!!!!

איזה חמודים

Eat eat eat...........

my phone move

open up!!!!!

awwwww so cute

turtle taxi

fuck you don't touch me

slower is always better

Yummy turdle how to open the shell any one have a hammer

awwww cute.