Manufacture laughters

as escovas sao de mas

hello Kitty - You. have to be a beauty

ahh monsta help!!

não faíz isso

He's taking a shouwer xD

long toung lol

lol but ugly cat

omg thats a linx

liber zehne putzen

имейте виду что кошки тоже аккуратные прикольно

save that cat nooooo

sorry cat run for your life

there's the sugar


please don't

НЕНЕНЕ ненадо

тоесть класс

аааа помёт


what, you can't afford a comb!

voll lustig

ew ur gonna use that

fotos de cavalos

omg a toothbrush

Oh my god!!!!! Thats hurt.

che scena!

a sim você mata u papai

eu sou só u gato doidão

hola no me sepilles

you won't see another day

milk toothpast mmmm

ooo ow soft softer or ooo ow

meine zähne sind hir unten

jis bijo lol

my teeth are Not above my eyeballs

plz I'm not cute I'm fabulous

cat got your toungue trollfaces

milk toothpaste mmmm