Manufacture laughters

Omg Lolza! she's gonna be pissed off with Steven when she sees him.

that's so fare he cheated on his wife who the fuck does that

бич бомж

p.s i paid for this billboard from our joint bank account. A big fail u just dont do that lol

wow...poorly endowed lol.


wait thats my NAME!!! Emily

And this is what you never have a joint account

Emily is my name really I'm in fourth grade I'm 10 years old


Bye bye steve

i like this lady she probably freaked all the stevens out

haha poor Steven. he deserved it. never ever make a women mad....especially when it's "her time"

that awkward moment when all the stevens in that city are like oh fuck


dude that guy cheated ON HIS WIFE

ouch Steven

Waist o muny